Everything RV was established as a New Age Caravan dealer in 2016 with the reputation of providing premium quality Caravans purely for the New Age brand.

In 2022, the dealership re-branded to Everything RV allowing the business to represent a number of reputable manufacturers to deliver a wide range of caravans to suit the needs of the Australian market. 

Our Vision

Everything RV aims to expand our market presence and set new industry standards by offering a comprehensive range of services, from sales of new and used caravans to detailed servicing and repairs.

Our Mission

Everything RV aspires to be the pioneering force that transforms the RV lifestyle, creating lasting memories for our customers in partnership with reputable manufacturers.

Our Values

At ERV, we believe in fostering an environment where our staff is valued and supported, recognising that their dedication and integrity are the cornerstones of our success.

We extend this commitment to our ERV families and the broader community, striving to create a positive impact and uphold the highest standards of transparency, honesty, and quality in all our endeavours.

Our focus on achievement is driven by a passion for excellence and a dedication to improving the quality of life for everyone we serve. Together, we are building a future where these values guide us every step of the way.

Media Releases

Keep up to date with announcements, research, and our responses to issues in the industry.
August 2023 Everything RV and New Age Caravans: A Journey of Success and Transition