The Crusader Caravans Sydney Range

Introducing the next generation of caravans by industry leader Crusader Caravans. Representing cutting-edge manufacturing methods and high-quality materials; it’s no wonder Crusader is one of the fastest growing caravan brands in Australia. Step inside a Crusader Caravan Sydney and you will see and feel the difference.

Every new caravan from Crusader is 100% full composite with no timber frame. This means your caravan will be tougher, lighter, better insulated and will give you years of enjoyment. Full composite means the floor, wall and roof are all made by Crusader Caravans using the best quality composite panels available. Similar material is used in the construction of trucks, trams, and planes.

Crusaders’ comprehensive selection of six model ranges and twenty-seven different model layout options ensures there’s a Crusader Caravan just perfect for you.

Come to Everything RV, the only Crusader Caravans Sydney Authorised Dealer and join the thousands who have purchased a new Crusader Caravan and never looked back!

Family Range

Magical Memories to last a lifetime. Crusader offers a total of four different family caravans, all with the option of 2 or 3 bunk beds and a variety of seating configurations. The Lifechanger Tribe or Lifechanger Bunkie feature plenty of room for the whole family with extra high ceilings and extensive storage throughout. The Musketeer Palace is truly a palace on wheels which all the family will love. And it doesn’t get any more luxurious than the Excalibur Castle forthose families looking for the ultimate home away from home.

CRV Range

The popular CRV range by Crusader Caravans is the perfect solution for those new to caravanning, solo travellers and couples. It’s compact so it’s easy to tow. And you won’t believe what’s indside. This range comes standard with a lot of the features you would find in a high-end caravan at a fraction of the price including toilet, shower, kitchen, fridge, bed, TV and so much more.

Touring & Semi-off road range

If you need a little more space and looking to stay mainly in caravan parks, the Chameleon Action SV, Esperance CRV, Lifechanger, Musketeer or Excalibur range will suit you. The Chameleon Action SV and Esperance CRV are compact models and easy to tow. The Lifechanger range is extremely popular as it’s feature packed, stylish and affordable. For a step up in style and luxury consider the Musketeer range. And then there’s the Excalibur range, the epitomy of touring perfection for the astute buyer.

Off-road range

The Crusader off-road range starts with the highly adaptable and affordable Chameleon Liberty SV, followed by the compact and feature packed Gladiator CRV and Gladiator Force CRV. The Hurricane CRV is well suited to adventurous couples who command the best off-road experience. Whilst the XCountry range combines the best of both worlds; ultimate luxury and extensive off-road smarts.

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