Luxury Australian Made Caravans

Why is My Dream RV a cut above the rest?
The creators and entrepreneurs behind the My Dream RV brand have meticulously blended top-tier luxury with paramount safety measures. Countless months and boundless hours have been meticulously invested in refining every model and bespoke caravan.
Comprising a team of seasoned technicians carefully selected from 14 different countries and diverse industries, My Dream RV ensures that the finest global business practices converge to enhance both your investment and lifestyle.

Dream Catcher

The My Dream RV Dream Catcher range is the first of our caravan ranges to be rolled off our factory floor. The Dream Catcher range is a full Off-Road caravan range, with everything you would expect from an Off-Road van, plus so much more that makes this range truly unique in the Australian market. This range caters for everyone, from couples, to growing families, and there is so much you will love about these caravans. Starting at 17’6 on a single axle, and going up to 23’ family caravans, the Dream Catcher will have a suitable model for all.

Dream Delight

Introducing the Dream Delight series, our latest masterpiece following the acclaimed Dream Catcher line. We’ve redefined caravan luxury with Dream Delight, showcasing unmatched craftsmanship and innovation. The caravans radiate sophistication, crafted for those who value style and quality. Perfect for both short getaways and extensive trips, the Dream Delight is ready to accompany you. 

Our two premier models, the opulent 18.6 and roomy 20.3, are thoughtfully designed for diverse travel needs. The Dream Delight isn’t just about choosing a caravan; it’s an invitation to exploration, luxury, and indulgence on wheels. Join our caravan journey, embrace Dream Delight, and make every trip unforgettable.

Dream Custom

Discover The Dream Custom Range: a collection of four uniquely tailored off-road caravans. Each model in this exclusive range is 100% custom-built. These models stand out in the Australian market for their complete customization, ensuring they adapt perfectly to various adventurers.  
More than mere vehicles, these caravans embody a tailored journey, meticulously designed to align with your specific aspirations and dreams. The Dream Custom Range symbolizes our dedication to enhancing your exploration adventures, with each model serving as a tribute to the ultimate adventure experience.

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