Paint Protection

Paint Protection for RVs spread across decades

Everything RV knows the importance of protecting investments and ensuring they stand the test of time and provide a valuable return in years to come.

Just like cars, caravans are susceptible to damage from a variety of environmental factors including and not limited to UV rays, rain, dust, sea spray, droppings and other aggressive pollutants that are hard to treat once the damage is already done.

Everything RV has partnered with Ozoneshield, one of the best paint protection specialists in Australia. Ozoneshield Protection specialise in providing top of the line caravan protection products to prevent damage and ensure the longevity of your investment. Being our preferred supplier, we know, trust and confidently recommend Ozoneshield to all our customers.

Fabric Protection

  • Treat and protect your carpets and fabric from staining
  • Antimicrobial treatment to prevent mould
  • Ideal for families and pets
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Repels liquid, dirt, food and perspiration
  • Protects against grease and grime.

Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

  • Providing effective, long lasting protection from UV rays guaranteeing against fading, loss of gloss and oxidisation
  • 9H hardness (scratch resistant)
  • Eliminate continual waxing and polishing
  • Protects against bat and bird droppings.

Leather/Vinyl Protection

  • Water repellent and anti-static 
  • Low sheen, non-greasy and non-stick
  • Conditions to prevent hardening and cracking
  • UV protection against fading and discolouration.
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Improved Resale Value

Investing in a completely treated caravan delivers long term profits. By safeguarding every bit of your caravan, you're keeping up with its appearance and guaranteeing a higher resale value. Potential buyers are attracted to well-kept caravans making your caravan a sought-after item in a potential customers decision making process.


Effort and Time Savings

Bid goodbye to the hectic daily schedule of waxing, cleaning, and hours spent cleaning your RV. Ozoneshield's complete protection program is custom-fitted to save you time and effort. Everything RV are dedicated to making you memories while safeguarding your caravan's perfect condition.


Assuring True Serenity

Your inward feeling of harmony matters to us. We ensure your caravan is shielded with a one-time application and customary inspection reviews. These reviews help your caravan get exhaustive protection, support, and upkeep.


Custom Fitted as per Necessity

We know that your caravan is important to you. That is why Ozoneshield offer exceptionally made bundles intended to suit the prerequisites of your caravan. These bundles safeguard your RV and lead to considerable savings in the long haul. 

About Ozoneshield

Ozoneshield is an Australian owned and run business providing car and caravan dealerships with protection products for over 10 years.

To enhance the appearance and performance of your caravan, Ozoneshield have sourced a range of quality products specifially suited to the harsh Australian climate and environment.

All Ozoneshield shield treatments are complementary of each other. Everything RV are entrusted to recommend the Ozoneshield Complete Protection Program so that you can achieve maximum protection of your investment.     

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Performance and Worth over time

Ozoneshield Paint Protection allows you to enjoy your caravan and make memories without agonising over the wear and tear. Find how we can shield your RV for the long haul.


Protect Your Investment with Us

We intend to shield your caravan thoroughly and improve its life span without substantial maintenance and repairs. Let us arrange the application of Ozoneshield.


Call Us Today

Contact us today to find out how Ozoneshield's Complete Protection Program will not only protect your caravan but will also enhance your investment. At Everything RV, we are committed to preserving the condition of your caravan to the day you received it.