Everything RV Service and Repair Centre, is a leading licensed and authorised warranty repairer.

Every now and then you might encounter an issue with your caravan that has developed after you have taken ownership. If you experience an issue with your caravan, feel reassured that we are here to assist. The Everything RV Service and Repair Centre will follow the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and work with you and the manufacturer to rectify any warranty issues.

Your caravan is in the right hands when it is in the care of the Everything RV Service and Repair Centre.

Our Caravan Warranty Process

We’re here to help. No one likes to have to put in a warranty claim, especially when you’ve just been out enjoying your caravan. Leave the hard work to us while you continue to make memories.

Oh no! you’ve uncovered a little issue with your caravan. Simply, call the Everything RV Service Centre to discuss your warranty needs

To enable us to create a claim to submit to the caravan manufacturer, you will need to fill out the Warranty Request Form provided to you.

We know that you might be out and about travelling or live far away. By providing this information we can process your warranty claim without you having to bring the van in for inspection.

We will send you a confirmation email advising that your claim has been submitted. You will also receive a personal claim number as a reference so that you can simply quote this number each time you request an update on the progress of your claim.

Once approval has been provided to carry out repairs on your caravan, we will email you with the good news! the Service Department will be in contact shortly to arrange a suitable date to bring your caravan in

The Everything RV Service Centre will contact you to arrange the repair dates at a mutually convenient time

Bring your caravan into the Warranty Repair Workshop for commencement of repairs. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the Everything RV Service Advisors, and they will inspect your caravan and discuss the repairs to be done.